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Hello and welcome to the website of the Cosmic Society of Paranormal Investigation (CSOPI). Our team of investigators, researchers, writers, and psychics invite you to join us on our journey into the unknown. The paranormal is a fascinating field of study for people from all walks of life and is growing in popularity.

Founded in 1995 by Donna Kent, Cosmic Society of Paranormal Investigation is highly regarded amongst today’s leading edge paranormal groups and researchers.  Our primary objective is to investigate and provide assistance to people who believe they’ve experienced a psychic event or paranormal crisis through information, consultation, psychic intervention, metaphysical services, film documentation and complete investigative techniques.

Offering positive solutions to what may seem like impossible circumstances.

Consultations  for those experiencing hauntings, ghosts, spirit attacks and related encounters and investigations are a minimal $100 for local investigations. Expenses for an investigation to other areas commensurate with costs involved. We survive mainly through client donations, merchandise sales, and membership enrollment, etc.


Travel, Lodging, Meals, Film and Developing costs must be met by the client (if applicable).   Investigations are conducted by experienced researchers who come from a variety of backgrounds and have diverse psychic abilities.

We are available through appointment only.

Experience the internet’s LARGEST, FREE Spirit Energy Photograph Collection! Currently housing over 2000 ghost and psychic photographs, articles and excerpts from our Cosmic Connections Newsletter,  our award winning website is visited by over 20,000 world wide web users daily!

Professional and amateur ghost hunters alike have contributed their paranormal pictures and stories to Cosmic Society and so can you!  Peruse our award page, download our ghost game/screen saver, read our press releases, learn about psychic development and paranormal investigative techniques - all through our website!

Join other nationally known investigators and members of  Cosmic Society on haunting cases by becoming a Cosmic Society Member.

Membership Packages,  Cosmic Connections Newsletter, Donna Kent’s Investigating a Haunted Location Handbook, T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Cosmic Candles, Bumper Stickers (with our logo!) and other official Cosmic Gear all available at:   www.CosmicSociety.com

Donna Kent has appeared on TV's Sightings,  Ghost Hunters, The Maury Povich Show, ABC SPECIAL -“World’ s Scariest Ghosts – Caught on Tape,” The Sacred Journey, Independent Film Channel, Bravo, ABC, CBS, WTNH8, Cablevision, and countless other news programs. Most recently she filmed with the Travel Channel's "Most Terrifying Places!"

She has authored and self published Investigating a Haunted Location Handbook and has written for magazines including Conscious Living,  FATE Magazine's Paranormal Places, The Door Opener, Llewellyn's New Worlds, and other paranormal publications.  She is the editor and publisher of Cosmic Connections Newsletter and the 1996, 1997 and the NEW Millennium Ghost Calendar! Numerous newspaper articles have featured Cosmic Society and published her photos.  Donna is a featured speaker at many Ghost Conferences and she presently gives seminars, workshops and lectures regarding paranormal investigation and spirit photography.

Currently, Donna Kent and Cosmic Society are involved with filming several independent Documentaries about Ghosts, Hauntings and Paranormally active locations. Read our newsletter, join us at our monthly meeting or see our website for our Calendar of Events and  scheduled appearances.

Monthly Meetings are open to all Cosmic Members (FREE) and to the public ($12/person) and are held at The Haunted Milestone Inn, 18 Neuman St, Naugatuck, Ct  every FIRST WEDNESDAY of EACH MONTH.

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 FOUNDER & PRESIDENT, Cosmic Society of Paranormal Investigation

EDITOR & PUBLISHER, Cosmic Connections Newsletter, 1996, 1997 & MILLENNIUM GHOST CALENDARS

AUTHOR, Ghost Stories & Legends of Eastern Connecticut,  Investigating a Haunted Location Handbook
Ghost Stories & Legends of Southwestern CT

OWNER & WEB-DIRECTOR, www.CosmicSociety.com

DIRECTOR - Haunted ConneCTicut Tours!


CERTIFIED HYPNOTHERAPIST, Licensed with the Hypnosis International Board of Registration and the 
Hypnodyne Foundation

also studying : 

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  1996 Filming with BRAVO and Independent Film Channel.

Same Show - Different Day.  

With Associate Roger S. Pile, PhD.

1998 Having a laugh with Joyce St. 
Germaine on the set of her cable 

        Donna and James Van Praagh in Kent home during the shooting  of World's Scariest Ghosts-Caught on Tape!

As usual I'm caught on camera goofing 
around with during a "Sky watching" 
Trip in Pine Bush, NY.

Waiting backstage of  "The Maury Povich Show" with Gary-Alan.

Having dinner with CT Skeptical Society. (barf)

Speaking at the 1998 Ghost Conference

As a presenter at the NJ Ghost Hunters Conference
April 2006 with Cosmic Society Member Leanne Root and old associate and friend John Zaphis.

On The set of "Front & Center" with Ray Hardman 2007

Barnes and Noble Book Signing 2008

Wesleyan University Book Signing 2008

Filming with The Travel Channel's "Most Terrifying Places"