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Photo courtesy of Scott Pearson  
 ©This photo may not be used without the direct permission
of Scott Pearson

G'day New interest in my photo of the
old spot ghosts has popped up due to a few new books 
being published and I have noticed that they have not
been focusing  on the subjects in the photo so I have had it 
computer  enhanced to highlight the 3 faces I have attached
the images for you to use if you like.
Hope to hear from you soon. (October 2000)

 Notice the two faces appearing in the photograph. One is of a small girl, one is of an old man.  

 Scott is a photographer, he admits to being able to "feel" the presence of ghosts. One day in a hotel in South Australia he captured these amazing entities on film. Here is Scott's story:.  

 Years ago my brother and his wife and kids moved into a hotel in Gawler, South Australia, a small town north of   Adelaide. After carrying out renovations on the building that was built in 1836, strange things started to happen, people started to hear strange things and see the apparition of a small girl and an older man. Being a sceptic I didn't believe it until my brother started to see things as well. All the stories from different people were the same so I got interested, and being a photographer (weddings etc.) I thought I would have a go at getting something on film. A friend and I stayed in the hotel all night in the section which used to be the Gawler morgue last century before it was turned into a hotel. It was very eerie and I could feel the presence of the spirits or what ever you call them. It was so strong a feeling that it is hard to describe.  

This photo was taken on 200iso speed  Kodak TMax film B&W. I also tried inferred film without much success. After developing the film I had a quick look at it and didn't think I had captured anything until a week or so later when I was doing some testing in the dark room and I noticed a negative which looked different than the rest. I made a copy and could not believe it. I then took a copy to every photo expert I could find and they all said it was unexplainable. After the initial carry on about it, we decided to throw them in a draw and forget about it until the local Gawler paper "The Bunyip" contacted me 4 or 5 years later iIn March 1998. The South Australian Advertiser (South Australia's main newspaper) also ran a story on the photo in March. Then in April the same year "A Current Affair" (TV Program) did an interview with me at the Old Spot Hotel which aired on Channel 9 in April, 1998 around Australia.  
                 For any more information please feel free to contact Scott at cni@senet.com.au  

© Robin Boston Barron 
The trained eye can see at least 4 human looking figures in the picture and various spirit energy. 
This house, on the ocean of Marblehead, Massachusetts, was the witness of the murder of two children by their mother.  She then committed suicide. 

This photograph was taken after a séance was held in the dwelling. 

As the story goes, a woman became despondent after her husband died at sea and oldest son caught influenza, and soon died also.  Unable to handle the losses she then took the lives of her two smaller children and herself. 

A new couple moved in, only to feel uneasy, hearing cries & footsteps.  They quickly moved out. 

Then a new Mom, getting divorced, and her two kids, a boy and girl, moved in.  The more she stayed in the house, the worse she got, she told a sister living in nearby Rockport.  She claimed she began to have an overwhelming desire to kill the children, complete with visions of holding pillows over their heads. The same sister knew a lady in  a neighboring town who was a friend of Sybil Leek, a famous psychic witch.  The woman came to house with researcher, John Spence and another psychic, who conducted the séance.  They felt the presence of the original lady who was draining the present homeowner.   During the session, the psychic was compelled to relate that the spirits of the dead were present.  Psychic Cold was felt and globules were visible to the eye in the doorway, the same area where the photographer saw a bluish light, like neon, and smelled ozone which was quickly replaced by the sickening scent of dead flowers. An overall sense of  impending doom and anxiety accompanied a deranged and demented presence. .Just then the rug itself began to fold itself into the pattern of a W,  and the photographer was able to take only this one shot before the camera, itself expired.  The woman never returned to the home.  The house remained vacant for many years following and it’s reputation has never died. 

© Jamie Clemons 
   I was in the forest home cemetery in Forest Park IL. Its an old cemetery. It was even used as an Indian burial ground before it was used as a cemetery. There is actually a historical marker there that says an Indian village was once located on part of the cemetery. I saw this really old mausoleum as I was leaving. There was no name or date. There was an iron door on the mausoleum it had a hole in it whether it was a window or vent I don't know. It was sort of a half circle with the flat part of the circle on the bottom side. It was large enough to fit my camera through. I could see it was dark inside no other windows. When I looked in I could hardly believe there were 2 coffins in plain view one on the right looked like the top part was open.  Anyway the one on the right was wooden and the top part was open I  couldn't see if there was a body inside but I'm sure there must have been. On the left was a cast iron coffin similar to one I saw in a museum in Tennessee that a civil war general was once buried in. The reason they had it in the museum was that the body had to be reburied because of grave robbers and they replaced the coffin with a new one cause it was damaged, so the coffin must have been pretty old. I was only hoping to get some neat pics of the coffins for my web page. (I don't mind if you use them too) I didn't expect to get some weird energy in the corner of the picture it looks like some lights or something moving around. Nothing weird happened. I'm thinking at one time some vandals must have been in there or else the coffin wouldn't have been open and the cast iron one looks like someone tried to break into that one too, see the large cracks on it?  You have a good web page.
©Robin Boston Barron
© Randall Short
© Randall Short
©Holly Keggerise 
This photo strikes me as really creepy and I can't really figure out why. As I sat here debating if it deserved to be included on this page, a painting my daughter did fell from a spot it's been hanging in for  years! It made me jump! - Donna Kent

©Robin Boston Barron
Auriesville Shrine is a beautiful retreat area with many acres of spiritual settings and buildings including a "Rock Rosary," The Monument to Unborn Children," Shrine to Blessed Kateri, a round church, The Field of the Slaughtered Monks, and much much more! 

 The Shaman had stopped to read an inscription on a particular statue, and friend Char snapped these two photos.  Notice the blurriness in each - photos both before and after had no such effect, but more interestingly, notice the figure standing next to the Shaman...neither Char, the Shaman, or other friends saw anyone else around while the shot was taken, or for much of the day for that matter.

©Rich Hershey - also on Gettysburg section
This photo really has terrible energy with it. Tons of faces too.
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