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I Like Nantucket in June, How About You?


Hi Donna and Cosmic Society,
This photograph was taken at one of Nantucket’s burial grounds during the month of June in 2004. As clearly noticeable, there are many orbs above the gravestones. The skies were mostly clear and temperatures were in the lower 60’s. Unfortunately I don’t have any information on the cemetery besides that it is one of Nantucket’s oldest. The only strange thing that occurred was that you could actually see the orbs with the naked eye as the flash went off. But there was no sense of fear at all in the area….maybe they were all friendly. 🙂 The digital camera used was an HP. A second picture was taken immediately following with no results. 

-Joe Aurther

 ©2004 Joe Aurther©2004 Joe Aurther


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