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Conjuring Woody Allen 😉 ?

     I’ll have to get the dates for you.  Quick back story.  We converted this old school bus into a party bus for Jimmy Buffett concerts.  We call it the Buffett Bus.  (very original, huh?)  So we were in my brother’s driveway in Somers, CT, getting ready to leave for a concert.  Someone cut their finger, and we grabbed the first aid kit that always hangs in the front of the bus.  Turns out it was empty, so we took a digital photo of the lady holding it up.  When my brother downloaded all the pictures of the concert on his computer, he took a closer look at the background of this photo.  We were in his driveway, surrounded by woods.  No one was outside, and certainly, no one dressed like this. The window behind the image is covered in plywood, because the outside is decorated.  We tried to recreate the image, and couldn’t.  We just went with the theory that it was an old bus driver attached to his bus. 



© 2017 Joyce Amann

 © 2017 Joyce Amann
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