Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Sleepy Hollow, NY

© 1998 Dean Thomas & Mike Ventura
Many configurations of Spirit Energy present in this remote graveyard. This shows us that the area is highly active.  The bright “streaks” indicate highly concentrated energy forms.


Riverside Cemetery, Norwalk, CT

Umpawaug Cemetery, Redding, CT.


Broome Sage Cemetery, Wacissa Florida

Taken at  on Dec 28.1999 around 2am. It was taken at the grave of a family member that was murdered some years back. Notice all of the orb activity? No precipitation, fog or smoke. The night was clear and cold. Taken with a Kodak DC215 Digital camera. As always, you may use the photo on your site or whatever you like.
– Melissa


East Sharon Cemetery, Sharon, PA.
©1996 Donna Kent/Cosmic Calendar
We had a very strange experience on our way to a photo shoot in this particular cemetery. It is located in a very rural area of Pennsylvania and while traveling there in two separate cars at night, all seemed fine. Suddenly a huge white owl with wings outstretched flew directly at my passenger side window. I remember the shock of seeing the owl face to face before it swooped down and hit the right front fender with a loud thunk. We immediately stopped the car and got out to help the bird and inspect the damage. There was no sign of the owl anywhere…
When we arrived at the cemetery, cameras began to malfunction, refusing to take photographs. I was able to shoot 6 photos that night and of the six, three contained large amounts of spirit energy. The first shot came out clear, the next you’ll see below. They kept alternating in that pattern, clear/spirit energy, clear/spirit energy, etc. The three below contain spirit energy and it’s interesting to note that the camera worked fine once back at the cars…


Hatboro Cemetery, Hatboro, PA.