Haunting on Huntington Road

Being a paranormal investigator has, not surprisingly, brought me into many haunted dwellings and strange, bizarre places. I enjoy investigating and researching these areas, and it has been my choice to do just that. These feelings take a different turn for me though, when it is my own home, my “security zone”, my castle if you will, that is being invaded.

The house itself was built in 1992 and is located in a normal residential area of Stratford, CT. Like any other new homeowners, we photographed the construction of the house, documenting all progressions from groundbreaking, to the roof installation and finally the placement of trees and shrubs. Had I known then what I do now about psychic or spirit photography, I would have been better prepared to to deal with the haunting activity that began with the construction and continues to this day.

I have traced the property ownership back only to 1972, which shows the land was named “Kensington Park”, a place for neighboring children to play ball and congregate. It was sold to a dentist who owned an adjoining lot and building in which he practiced his trade…and then some…being arrested twice and finally having his license revoked for molesting children under the influence of the nitrous used for dispelling the pain of having teeth worked on (gas). As far as I know (so far) no other house has stood on this lot, but I still have alot of digging to do to document that as fact.

When I mention the haunting phenomena to certain family members and friends (you know who you are!) they tell me things like..”The only reason your house is haunted is because you’ve carried spirits and ghosts home from all those graveyards and creepy places you go to!” and similar phrases. Although I feel that that is certainly a possibility, at the time the house was erected I knew nothing about spirit photography, didn’t know I had a knack for it and even threw away many photos containing anomolous images I now know to be associated with this type of photography..(It hurts to think about all those discarded photos..ouch!) Anyway, my point is that I feel “something” was here before us and I don’t attribute this particular instance to my field of work. I believe there have been occasions when spirits have followed me home from haunted places, and I can vouch for the fact that “activity” increases around here just before, during and after certain haunting investigations..these occurances usually have some connection to the current case. I feel that many spirits come/go/pass thru my house on different occasions and for different reasons. Sometimes my Grandmother’s presense is very strong in the house and these are usually times when I am deeply involved, enjoying time with my children (I have noticed sometimes my children actually “smell” just like granny’s house..a way for me to identify and associate her presence) or the few times I have been truly frightened here in the house. Her protective energy has been photographed many, many times here. There have been rare occasions of harmful, negative energies here and one incident (described below) actually prompted me to into doing a house blessing with 2 associates (at the time). It was after this that I began recording and chronicalling the events, writing them down everytime something happened, even the mundane things. A few of the “incidents” were able to be explained away as natural occurances, or they just plain had an ordinary explanation after everyone in the home was questioned etc. The list below are the occasions I attribute to being of a paranormal nature (dates included where available):

1992 – Photos from house construction show a black vortex((outside) and a small impish creature (elemental?) waving in the window of living room.

1993 – Many photos of Justin and Chloe (my children) show spirit energy.
– Chloe, Justin and I downstairs watching TV. A loud crash sends us upstairs to find a large pile of books on the floor of Chloe’s room. All are stacked neatly one atop the other.

1995 -March 19 – Take the picture of Mr. Peet.
– VCR shut off and never worked again as I tried to play a taped interview I conducted of the Warrens.
– Steve (my husband) smells an extremely foul smell in “the peach room” of our basement. He tells me and upon checking I find nothing unusual.
– Two psychic researchers have dinner at my house and we decide to take photos throughout the house. One feels she is bitten on the leg in laundry room and is immediately sick when entering the basement. The other gets “smokey” images on film outside the house.
– Photo taken of Steve painting the dining room shows 3 “globules” hovering near his head.
– I experience “phantomania” (explained away by sleep experts as “sleep paralyzation”..they fail to explain the other accompanying phenomena though…) This is what happened…I awoke on a downstairs sofa around 4:30 am..my husband and son had also fallen asleep on another couch. I shook Steve and said ‘C’mon up to bed” he said he would and proceeded to fall back asleep (men..) anyway I went upstairs alone and laid down. At this point I felt completely awake and glanced at the clock which read 4:35..just as I was thinking to myself “I shoulda just stayed on the damn couch”..I heard a noise on the other side of the bed (left side)..it sounded like someone rubbing their hands together, but loudly..my hair stood on end as I rolled over to see nothing there..I could hear my heart pounding. Laying on my back now with eyes wide open, I felt “something” press ontop of the covers over my chest..my mind was racing as I tried to rationalize it away thinking “its just my breathing so fast making the covers go up and thus falling back on me” but inside I knew differently..then the pressing happened again and the next thing I knew I was completely paralyzed..couldn’t speak or move. That feeling alone was one of the most frightening things I’ve ever experienced. After getting over the shock of this (I could still think and see) I remembered to try and not show fear and pictured myself laughing at “it”. The feeling (which lasted around 20 seconds) was released from me and I immediately fell into a fitful, nightmare rich sleep. (Weird because you would think after something like that I would get up and do a couple of shots of Jack Daniels or something!) It was this experience that prompted me into doing the house blessing.

1996 – January 21st..Conducted house blessing with two associates. Starting in basemnet and working our way up to attic. We heard the sounds of growling and barking coming from different parts of the house and cold spots were felt. While feeling a cold spot on my legs I took a picture and a weird smokey image was recorded.
– Steve hears “someone” breathing right behind his head as he stands in the kitchen.
– Chloe and I watch a recipe “lift itself” up and over a slanted dish rack and float ever so slowly down to the floor.
– March – Chloe in living room alone doing homework when a toy truck (which never worked and batteries had been removed) “started up and rolled across the floor”.
– Doing laundry in the basement I felt “something” in the room and smelled an overpowering smell of ozone which was quickly replaced by a strong smell of dill (my grandmother frequently cooked with dill and the smell was often present in her home).
– March 15 – Bonnie Tice and I assigned to investigate demonic activity of a home in Shelton, CT. On the phone (the night before) I was discussing the case with a former associate and had left a pile of laundry to answer the phone. When the call was concluded I returned to the laundry to find all the previously folded clothes thrown in a jumbled heap in the center of the room.
– March 17 – !:00 am Sitting up alone looking over photos (containing psychic energy) I heard a loud knocking on the wall in the hallway leading from living room to kitchen.
– March 19 – !:00 pm Talking on phone, knocking (loudly) on Dining room wall.
– March 20 – 1:05 pm Longer, louder knocking on hallway wall again. Three hangup phone calls right after.
– April – A neighbor comes over and breaks ground for swimming pool. I photograph this and energy shows up in the photos.
– Steve smells Chanel (my favorite perfume) out in yard while raking, then gone.
– Steve finds a small antique bottle and knife in the yard. I wash them and put them on the windowsill. The knife (later on) is hurled into the kitchen sink and continues flying around in the sink banging the edges while I watch in amazement. I am told to replace these items back out into the yard.
– April 3 – Foul smell in kitchen then gone.
– April 9 – Steve out working on pool and pump stops pumping. He gets mad and yells at it (!) and it turns back on and continues working.
– April 10-31 – VCRs and TVs all seem to have alife of their own, turning on and off at will, all hours of the day and night. The microwave oven starts resetting itself and operating at will also.
– April 14 – 1:05 am I just get up to bed and hear a growl/yell from the living room. Foul smell comes and goes.
– April 27 – Spent the day in Farmington and had intended to drive home before the rush hour traffic. Was invited to dinner so ended up staying until 8:00pm. Upon arriving home, I noticed the ouside lights on and every single light from basement to 3rd floor on inside the house. Strong smell of dill. When I left in the morning I left no lights on expecting to be home before dark. 11:29 pm 4 knocks on hallway wall.
– April 28 – 11:00 pm Dill smell in basement.
– May 11 – Knocking in kitchen as I am preparing to leave for cruise..(a Whole other story!)
– May 18 – Big argument with people from psychic research class. Notice as I’m driving home, streetlamps seem to be going out as I pass them (this happens to me alot). Arrive home and get to front porch where one of the outside lights goes out. Enter house and proceed to tell Steve what happened (fuming the whole time) and go to switch on bathroom light which blows out with a loud POP. I decide to calm down.
– July 13 – Watching TV I see my son’s toy ambulance light up and move about 7 inches across the floor by my feet. This happened 3 more times within a 5 minute time span.
– August – 1:00 pm approx. Talking with Steve on the phone he says” whatch gonna make for dinner?” I say “I don’t know ” and start to look in fridge. I see a leftover salad and I say ” Well, we’ll use up this salad” and I walk a few feet out of the room..(My phone cord was really short so I was limited as to how far I could go) I turn around and come back in the room and there (without a crash or a sound) is the saled spilled all over the floor, but the container was balanced perfectly on its side..I took photos and got two large blurry streaks of energy.
– August 3 – Stack of empty boxes makes a loud crash in basement, no one is nearby.
– August 6 – 1:03 am A dark shadow moved right across the page of a book I was reading. Let me also mention I am continually seeing small balck darting shadows in the house..too numerous to list..Same thing with small, sparkly ghost lights. TV playing tricks again.
– August 9 – approx. 11:00 pm Computer whirs into life as I am sitting across the room. (There is a switch that must be manually flipped for the computer to go on.)
– August 18 – Justin wakes up screaming and crying that “The Ghost was in the doorway”.
– August 19 – 11:20 Went to kitchen because the teapot was whistling. Reached into fridge to retreive milk and out of the corner of my eye I saw a “man” standing against the wall where my telephone is. I could still see the phone through him. He was standing looking straight ahead (not at me) with his arms folded and very stern expression. His shirt was extremely white and crispy looking. I believe this was Mr. Peet from my photo. at 12:07 the same night I heard a noise in bathroom and found a small silver cup on the floor..nothing else on the same ledge had been disturbed.
– October 1-31 – Lots of little black things flying/darting past.
– October 8 – Sounds like someone breaking into basement. Steve and I go to check and we hear a small voice say “Help”, but find nothing.
– October 9 – Foul smell of sweat is perceived by Steve. Bonnie and Carrie happened to be here and they don’t smell it although I do. 4:30 am I hear sound like metal being dropped on table in basement and pacing footsteps. Steve thinks it sounds like someone blowing air through a tube.
-October 11 – Someone breathed “HAH” right behind my head in the kitchen. Trying to print out Ghost Guide and the printer switched itself off.
– October 19 – Someone breathing behind me again in kitchen and as I am standing there I watch the spoonrest on the stove turn completely around in a circle. Goosebumps and hair standing up on my neck and arms. 3:15 pm, cleaning a desk in basement the toy ambulance sirens start going off and it says the recorded messages while buried in the toybox across the room..(remember there are no batteries in this).
– November 14 – 10:30 pm Talking on phone, home alone, I hear front door handle turn, I say “hold on” and go check , nothing amiss. Return to phone and and hear front door swing open, check again the door is closed. I get off the phone and wash dishes and hear a loud bang on mirrored coffe table in living room, nothing looks unusual. return to sink and as I’m standing there I feel something press on my back, I stop to record all this stuff in the notebook and something presses on my back and arm as I’m writing..hair is standing up on my neck.
– December 14 – Steve says he heard me laughing and he wants to know whats so funny?
I tell him I wasn’t laughing or saying anything..he swears he heard my laugh loudly in the kitchen.
– December 17 – Husking corn for dinner lost in thoughts when the hood of my sweatshirt is yanked back causing me to sort of lose balance and I was rocked backward . Turned around, nobody is there. Took photos but didn’t get anything strange.
– December 26 – Rudy (our new puppy) acting weirdly outside on deck. Photos of him show a weird grey blur and a vortex. 11:10 pm Steve was in kitchen working on internet on a laptop computer. He knocked into a necklace that was hanging from a cabinet and he watched it as it “flew down and wrapped itself around the phone cord” Trying to untangle it he called me over, this chian had somehow looped itself so that the phone cord was inside of the necklace chain…this could only happen if the phone cord had been unplugged and then inserted inside ot the chain..very weird.

So these are the majority of events that have been occurring here at my house on Huntington Road. Many have been left out because of repetition and some I just plain forgot to record. I think I’ll wait awhile before writing up 1997 which has quite a long list already. I have had a few psychic in the house and all have felt nothing negative here at the time…I don’t mind sharing my space with spirits but I cannot tolerate the thought of anything harmful or negative (like the phantomania thing) happening to my children or anyone here for that matter..I’ll keep you posted!

Donna Kent

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