House on the Cobblestone Street

The House on the Cobblestone Street

13 Deaths have been documented to have occurred in this piece of property; a large 2 story brick building, on one of the last existing cobblestone streets in the town of Watervliet, NY.

Fires, Murder, even Underground Nazi hideout are said to have been witnessed within the confines of this brick building.

It just so happens, that two gifted Shamans and sensitives live directly across the street.  They are also Cosmic Society Members and Associates.  The first day they arrived and walked over to the place (having a “feeling”) to take a few photographs, the door swung open of it’s “own” accord, and a good psychic photo was captured on the stairway.

Recently, Robin, “The Chief” had a feeling about a couch he noticed had been discarded from the house.  The homeowner told him that he always got headaches, felt tired and sick whenever he sat on it..His daughter commented that they argued more when in the presence of the couch.  They put it out on the cobblestone street hoping the garbage pick-up would rid them of it forever.

Like I said, the Shaman had a feeling about it, and he snapped two photos, one towards the front of the house, and the other in back, deliberately getting the couch in the shot.  Below are the results of those two photographs.

The most recent shots were taken October 23rd (Late 90’s – I can’t remember what year!). As you can see, there is a strange energy pattern which seems to come to an abrupt halt just over my head, as I stood outside the front of the building.  Notice the difference of colors of energy (and forms) a white vortex with a brick/beige colored glow on the right and the blue sort of globule (?) on the upper right.   The second shot shows a globule on the upper right.   More to this story, as I get the facts…