Nellie’s House


Nellie’s House!

©1996 Cosmic Calendar/Donna Kent

Many different forms of spirit energy emerged on film during various nights spent in Nellie’s house, a demonically infested home of an elderly woman. Shown here are cloudy/whitish forms (usually associated with human spirits), “Globules” the “Thermal Underwear” looking pattern, and many floor to ceiling black “Funnels”     ( may represent some sort of void or opening…- this one traveled from floor to floor). The photo with the red overtone was taken while experimenting with a piece of red film over the flash (don’t ask – I read it somewhere) and surprisingly the white form in the kitchen was caught on film. There are many unusual and unanswered factors involving the haunting at Nellie’s house (An excellent topic for discussion at a later date..).

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