Services and Investigations

Are you experiencing a HAUNTING? Have you seen a GHOST? Have you encountered an ENTITY and not known what to do? Do your friends and companions think your CRAZY? The Cosmic Society knows you are NOT!!! Are you looking for relief? We offer Paranormal Investigations, Photo Documentation, Psychic Intervention and other Metaphysical services.

Let the Cosmic Society help with your Haunting or Psychic Phenomenon, now!

Cosmic Society’s mission is to research, investigate and help people who believe they’ve experienced a psychic and paranormal crisis. The Society provides assistance through information, consultation and investigation. We are an organization which offers professional consultation for those experiencing hauntings, ghosts, spirit attacks, and related encounters.

Our team of experts will handle your case in a discrete, efficient, and professional manner (the client’s confidentiality is protected). Investigations are conducted by experienced researchers, who come from a variety of backgrounds. Depending on the phenomena the team will employ a variety of methods, to assist you, from our diverse expertise. Our investigations are directed solely to providing a valuable and effective service meeting the needs of our clients. Offering positive solutions to what seems like impossible circumstances.
Consultation Fees for these services are minimal (only to cover expenses), $100 for the first visit (local) however, DONATIONS ARE WELCOMED.

Travel, Lodging, (if applicable), Meals, Film and Developing costs must be met by the client.

Depending on the circumstances, teams as small as two investigators or as large as eight are employed.

The Cosmic Society of Paranormal Investigation is available by appointment only.
Please call for first consultation via telephone. If you are seriously considering having Cosmic Society come to your location, please feel free to call Donna Kent, president of Cosmic Society of Paranormal Investigation at
(203) 513-2899.

If you just want to share your story or paranormal experience for the newsletter or website,
send us an e-mail here.

Maybe you don’t have a haunting and are just interested in the paranormal, ghosts, investigating haunted locations, spirit photography, etc. Possibly you want to start up your own group of ghost hunters. Maybe you have experienced a number of paranormal occurrences, and want to know more about these types of “activity.”

Could it be you want to learn how to develop your own natural psychic abilities? Consider becoming a Cosmic Society Member to explore these and many other related topics with other members and researchers at workshops, slide presentations, monthly meetings every first Wednesday of the month (call or email for location).