Suicidal Energy

Hello Donna & The Cosmic Society,

My name is Steve and I took this photo at work; a housing estate in Melbourne. This is the area where a Turkish male had hung himself. I was a security officer at the time, as my partner (we had to work in pairs) witnessed the male which was found by him and my supervisor hung on the railing on the 2nd floor of the carpark at 8:00 in the morning.

As I worked my last week at the estate, I took this photo with a camera phone (siemens s55+quickpic camera) as my partner told me exactly where to take the photo and behold, this strange streak or mist appeared in the area the male had hung himself. Please give me your input on this photo.

I  also thought you might be interested in this photo (below) I took of a colleague at the same estate. Above my friend there is an unusual smoky type of anomaly (no smoke and no clouds as it was clear) and if you look on the left of my friend on the red post you will see a face. 

Dear Steve,

Thank you for your letter and photo to us at Cosmic Society. While not having physically investigated or traveled to the site, I can tell you that this greenish glowing energy oftentimes appears where tragedy (often self inflicted) occurs. I have seen photos from suicides and drug and alcohol related deaths that have this type of energy. Many times the entity has not moved on and will try to attach themselves to the living in an attempt to relive some of the earthly things they were accustomed to, sometimes to the point of making a person act and do things very uncharacteristic to their normal personalities. Sometimes the greenish glows appears where time-warp situations have also occurred also. Someone should go in and clear the carpark or at least start with a blessing.



Suicide Shack
©1995 Donna Kent
    Located in Wallingford, CT, this wretched little hovel housed a man who, in utter despair (evident by all his cryptic, insane messages and bible passages he had scratched into the walls and cupboards of the place), committed suicide in the bathroom. See the blue smoky energy swirling out of the bathroom.  There is a feeling of dreadfulness about the place and other surrounding abandoned and run down houses.