The Walters Case

The Walters Case
by Donna Kent

   I woke up drenched in sweat.  The hazy pieces of my dream still making my heart pound.  What I could remember of it was this; I had a new investigation, it was in a white house and there was something terribly creepy in the basement.  For now though, I needed coffee.  It wasn’t until around 10:00 am that the remnants of my dream flitted past my mind for the third time that morning.  A phone call from a young man, we’ll call Joe, was concerned about his mother, and the things she had been reporting seeing since October of the previous year.

   We spoke for about an hour with Joe adamant that his mother, although on anti-depressants, was definitely NOT the type to imagine, embellish or outright lie to anyone, let alone her own son.  Although Joe was skeptical in his beliefs regarding ghosts and the paranormal, his mother’s insistence, coupled with a photo she had taken after one of her “night-time encounters”, led him straight to the Cosmic Society website where, after a few clicks of a mouse, he was seeing similar photos and the captions, stories and articles accompanying them.  I had asked him to have a look around the website and call me back after he had done so. When he called for the second time, we got into more specifics:

   His father passed away in July of 1998 from lung cancer. His mother was indeed devastated, but put on a strong front and continued her job in an elderly care facility. She claimed to have seen her husband’s full figured ghost glide from the master bathroom next to her bed as she lay in it.  She had seen white flashes, a hand waving, white mists, and had been within earshot for the knocks and tapping that continually kept her awake.  At this point I asked Joe to have his mother call me, so I could hear the story straight from the witness. It wasn’t long before she and I scheduled a date for Cosmic to investigate, which I deliberated on postponing due to the fact we were already involved in 3 other cases, but when she said she hadn’t had a full night’s sleep since October I relented and set the date for the evening of February 20, 1999.

    A team of Cosmic Society members; Joyce Cooke, Tim Sweeney, Rev. Mary Ann Bronowitz and myself, pulled up to the white ranch house, built in the 1930’s (yes, the same one from my dream!) and after reciting a group prayer, snapped a few outdoor photos and were greeted by Mrs. Walters and her son “Joe”.  We split into two groups and walked through the cramped dwelling to determine any initial perceptions of energy/presences, each keeping our own notes on these.  The basement consisted of two small, unkempt rooms with dirt floors, and various tools and items used by the deceased Mr. Walters, who was an avid lawn mower repair man.  Nothing abnormally creepy that could be visibly detected…

    We converged in the tiny living room that was directly off of the master bedroom and the kitchen.  Detection devices were strategically positioned in hot spot locations; obviously the master bedroom and bath, also a small room off the kitchen that was Mr. Walter’s “space”, and had recently been remodeled.  After a few moments of initial chit-chat, Mary Ann had noticed some movement near a particular chair at the kitchen table, which was directly in her line of vision from her seat in the living room.  “It looks like heat rising on pavement” she said, “and seems to be hovering just above that chair”.  The gaussmeter gave a weak groan and registered 5+mg (it sounds a tone when activated, but no matter what I do the batteries always seem to be on their last legs…this one had been put in fresh before arrival).  Mrs. Walters craned her neck around to see and nodding her head said “yes, that was his chair.”  During the interview Tim and I were both freezing and Joyce and Mary Ann were both sweating and hot.  All of us were sitting opposite each other and there were no drafts or heaters in use.

    I began the interview as I always do by gaining permission to record her and asking  the basic battery of questions that while serving the purpose of recording the factual info on the location and it’s occupants, also helps the witness to relax and get used to speaking on camera.  It is then that I like to let the witness do the talking, spill their guts if you will, and reiterate the experiences and what they perceive as paranormal activity in their own words.  The right questions, concerns and queries were properly interjected by all investigators present and the conversation flowed as if on cue that night. (This is one of the plusses of interviewing and investigating alongside a balanced, experienced team who all work well and effectively together).  We learned that Mr. Walter’s ashes were kept in the home and the Mrs. was intending to bury them in the spring, she would have done so sooner (if it would help to stop the nightly visits) but the ground was too frozen, she wanted them to remain on the property (the first sign of her reluctance to let go), because he was born in the house, had grown up in the house, and ultimately died in the house ( I can understand her wanting him buried there when she put it that way though).  She then admitted “I wanted him here with me.”

    We learned that the main problem regarding her husband’s lack of “moving on” was due to pent up anger and repressed emotions suffered by Mrs. Walters concerning the circumstances of her husband’s condition.  Apparently, he had been diagnosed with the cancer in January 1998, but had not told his wife or son until June of the same year.  He died in his hospital bed, which had been moved into the living room for convenience just one short month later.  This left the very stunned and grief-stricken Mrs. Walters with a plethora of unresolved issues and in somewhat of a stupor. For three months Mrs. Walters robotically tried to keep in step with her workaday world and continued on at the nursing home, coming home exhausted, falling into bed and repeating the pattern on a 5:30 am to 7:00 p.m schedule (nothing like trying to block out the reality of the situation, eh?)

    It was in October that the phenomena began on a nightly basis.  The first time, she awoke to “something banging on the bed, to wake me up” and then when she did, her husband’s face was right in front of hers to the left of the bed and she lay there on her side.  It was only inches away from her, and looking right at her “without expression.” It appeared very solid looking at the time, but there had since been occasions for her to see “a white face with black eyes, black shadows, her husband’s hand waving his signature wave that he always did to her, a glowing white figure, and once Mr. Walter’s head (only) on top of her waist high dresser.   Although there was a variety of different types of apparitions and sighting occurrences, Mrs. Walters felt that her husband was always present, whether other beings were also present she said she did not know, except for the time she saw a “ghost frog” crawl across the ceiling; “It was the darndest thing” she claimed while describing how she witnessed, while lying in bed, a green frog, slowly cross the ceiling.  She said she also saw a “ghostly dog” on the ceiling on another occasion.  It was pointed out by Mary Ann that in Native American teachings a frog represents cleansing.  Tim felt that maybe that was symbolic of some sort of cleansing that needed to take place in the home, perhaps having to do with Radon or CO2  in the basement (it was interesting to note that the husband spent a lot of time in the basement which had a “ledge” floor – all rock and dirt), or even a physical cleansing of Mrs. Walters herself.  Thinking back to my dream, it was advised for Mrs. Walters or her son to invest in the detectors for the basement, or to hire someone to come out and check the home for noxious gas.

    After interviewing, photographs, and a walk-through of the property, we all agreed that Mrs. Walters anger was part of the problem.  It was understandable however.  We felt that Mr. Walters’ nightly visitations were an attempt to show the Mrs. that life did indeed go on, and that he was truly sorry for the way he handled things.  He was only trying to protect her, but in the end that had backfired.  We also felt strongly that he kept his nightly vigil for some other reason, he was trying to impart some sort of information to her, but at this point we still did not know what that issue was…

    We concluded our first visit by reiterating to Mrs. Walters that she speak her thoughts and feelings out loud; yell scream, cry, rejoice, whatever it was that needed to be purged.  We circled the house with a sage smudge, and a protective bubble of white light energy.  A follow up phone call revealed he had indeed appeared again that evening after we left, a few tapings and the hand wave again.  Four nights later Mrs. Walters had a long “talk” with him and he did not appear again – for a few nights that is.  We will be going back again this month with a psychic well experienced in spirit communication, and will let you know what happens in a later report through this newsletter.  One item of interest was in the videotape..just as Joyce sums up the situation by saying “Basically, she needs to resolve these issues…” a small black energy mass darts from Joyce’s shoulder across the room near the coffee table and disappears.

    Our photos were inconclusive.

    A few weeks after the investigation I received a photo in the mail from Mrs. Walters…she told how shortly after her husband had died a turkey had shown up in her yard.  It seemed to hover around the property and was inclined to peer in the windows and doors at every opportunity.  She thought it very bizarre and I asked her if her husband was a hunter or had an affinity to animals, turkeys in particular. she answered “no” to both.

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