Amazingly Creepy Photos


“Old Spot” Ghosts

Notice the two faces appearing in the photograph. One is of a small girl, one is of an old man.

Scott is a photographer, he admits to being able to “feel” the presence of ghosts. One day in a hotel in South Australia he captured these amazing entities on film. Here is Scott’s story:.

Years ago my brother and his wife and kids moved into a hotel in Gawler, South Australia, a small town north of Adelaide. After carrying out renovations on the building that was built in 1836, strange things started to happen, people started to hear strange things and see the apparition of a small girl and an older man. Being a skeptic I didn’t believe it until my brother started to see things as well. All the stories from different people were the same so I got interested, and being a photographer (weddings etc.) I thought I would have a go at getting something on film. A friend and I stayed in the hotel all night in the section which used to be the Gawler morgue last century before it was turned into a hotel. It was very eerie and I could feel the presence of the spirits or what ever you call them. It was so strong a feeling that it is hard to describe.

This photo was taken on 200 iso speed Kodak TMax film B&W. I also tried inferred film without much success. After developing the film I had a quick look at it and didn’t think I had captured anything until a week or so later when I was doing some testing in the dark room and I noticed a negative which looked different than the rest. I made a copy and could not believe it. I then took a copy to every photo expert I could find and they all said it was explainable. After the initial carry on about it, we decided to throw them in a draw and forget about it until the local Gawler paper “The Bunyip” contacted me 4 or 5 years later iIn March 1998. The South Australian Advertiser (South Australia’s main newspaper) also ran a story on the photo in March. Then in April the same year “A Current Affair” (TV Program) did an interview with me at the Old Spot Hotel which aired on Channel 9 in April, 1998 around Australia.
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Visiting from Beyond the Grave!

Take a peek at the following two pairs of photos and decide for yourself whether or not the spirits of the deceased come back to visit their final resting place, or the friends and family who come to honor their memory. Look in the wine glass, set atop the grave of the father of the folks gathered ’round to cheer his memory; Looks very similar to the photo of the man provided for comparison, taken while he was living.


Angel Visitation? 

What is this? Angel? Spirit? Nature spirit? Environmental anomaly?

Automatic Photo

This is one of my most compelling photographs and I’ll tell you why…I was preparing for a lecture at Stratford High School for a Parapsychology class and sitting at my desk, my camera with SHUTTER CLOSED/OFF POSITION resting on my lap. All at once I saw a flash and my camera had taken a photo of the underside of my chin and face (very flattering I know…ay yi yi). I knew I didn’t push anything and that some sort of spirit manipulation was involved..clearly “something” wanting it’s energy photographed! I’d love to know just who this energy form(s) belongs to…..