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Ever wondered if you’ve had a brush with the paranormal, or perhaps harbor a resident ghost in your home?
Donna Kent has provided this Top 10 list of things to watch for:

1. Experiencing physical sensations, cold spots, a disembodied touch on your skin, a shove, etc.

2. Hearing sounds; voices or snippets of conversation, having your name called when you are alone.

3. Smelling a fragrance, such as cigar smoke, perfume or coffee, that has no source.

4. Seeing an apparition or ghost or small darting movements with your peripheral vision.

5. Having objects move of their own accord or disappear, only to reappear at some future time.

6. Witnessing animals act strange or seeming to sense something you can’t perceive.

7. Finding images in your photographs that can’t be explained by technical processes.

8. Seeing electronic equipment or appliances come to life or shut off without reason.

9. Experiencing thoughts, feelings or emotions that are uncharacteristic for you and without any personal basis.

10. Sensing that you are of being watched and feeling that you are not alone.

Ghosts Of Another Nature

by Carrie Reiss

Ghosts! What are they? Even the word “ghost” seems to cover a broad spectrum. The Webster Dictionary defines “ghost” this way: 1) The spirit of a deceased person, believed to haunt living people or former habitats. 2) Archaic. The animus: soul. 3) A demon: spirit. There’s also “ghost writers”, “ghost ships” and even a “ghost of a chance”! Let’s look at Webster’s definition of an earth bound spirit, haunting it’s former dwelling or family.

Please try to think of these kinds of ghosts as regular people. Tragedy usually creates the ghost syndrome, such as a sudden accident in a car, a bad fall or something more violent, like murder. The fear and confusion created by this kind of tragedy can cause a person to be earth bound. Unable to understand or cope with what has happened to them, they relive the scene of their tragic death over and over. Sometimes, the spirits become earth bound through strong attachments to family members, their own homes or property, cherished personal belongings or even their former occupations. This possessiveness can prevent them from going into the light. They feel the need to continue in their everyday lives and refuse to accept their death. While some spirits do not interact with the living around them, content to replay the motions of life to which they have grown accustomed to, others, confused as to why no one can see them, try to gain recognition.

The human, earth bound spirit has the power to move certain objects, such as opening and shutting doors, cabinets or windows, pushing furniture around, knocking over lamps, knickknacks or books. Hiding items, knocking, whispering and footsteps are also common phenomena. Sometimes, they can relay their feelings and emotions to you telepathically, causing you to feel sad or nauseous.

These spirits can also manifest themselves as balls of light, a mist or as a full figured apparition, given the right atmosphere. Ghosts must draw electromagnetic energy from somewhere; it can be from an electric outlet or appliance, plant or animal life or even from a lightening storm. Most often, it is the energy drawn from another human being. Ever felt the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, accompanied by goose bumps and a tingling sensation? Afterwards, you feel tired and a little groggy? You may have just been used as a human battery! This can also explain some “cold spot” that randomly show up in a haunted area. After the spirit has drawn that energy out, a cold spot remains.

There is always a reason why a spirit is earth bound. Unfortunately, some of these souls harbor ill thoughts and feelings, jealousy, rage, anger, possessiveness or envy, which keeps them from moving on. This can attract the attention of negative, or inhuman, spirits that like nothing more than to manipulate the human entity and keep it in a state of chaos and confusion. These demonic spirits thrive on this, whether the person is alive or dead. While this kind of dark entity exists, it is more common for a house to become infested or a person possessed by with them through experimentation in the occult ( seances, Ouija boards, tarot cards are few examples), practicing black magic or witchcraft ( not white witchcraft, Wicca), necromancy or voodoo. The inhuman entity must have permission to work it’s evil and the individual who invites it must exercise his or her free will to let it manifest.

A lot of the above mentioned black art practitioners ( many times, amateurs who have no idea what they are doing) are often found in graveyards, conjuring up these entities, then leaving the grounds and allowing the spirits to roam freely. Many church- sanctioned burial grounds have become haunted through these careless actions allowing these dark spirits to wreck havoc with the human spirits there.

As far as dicerning between the human and demonic entities in a home environment, there are obvious differences. One, the human spirit is usually benign in moving small objects or making noises (i.e. footsteps rappings etc.), while an inhuman entity can produce terrifying crashes, screams, speaking using foul language, which sometimes is in a different tongue ( i.e. Latin, some unknown or ancient language) and can move extremely heavy objects ( i.e. refrigerators, cars, beds etc.), and can even physically harm or kill a person.

As a ruse, the demonic can start a haunting by masquerading as a human spirit; starting with some “light” haunting phenomena, convincing the “haunted” that first it’s their imagination, or perhaps a ghost of a family member, then slowly escalating into a full- fledged demonic possession. Also noted in a negative haunting, is the aversion to religious items. In many cases, holy pictures will be broken, torn off walls or found face-down. Crucifixes will be turned upside-down and holy water is a good defense weapon. The number “3” also figures in prominently, as in hearing 3 knocks, 3 footsteps or finding 3 gouges or scratch marks in walls, furniture or on a human body residing in the house. This is done as an insult to the Trinity. Clocks will stop and activity can increase at 3:00 a.m., the hour of Christ’s death.

So please, those of you who are compelled to research a haunted house, take photos in a cemetery or visit a location known to be haunted (i.e. Dudleytown, Salem etc.) take care to protect yourselves by envisioning yourself in the white light of Jesus Christ before entering and again upon leaving a site (you never really know what’s there ahead of time so it’s best to be safe). Also remember that in dealing with a human spirit, it was a human being once (a demonic entity has never lived) and maybe with a little love and compassion, you can help this misguided soul find the light and enter the eternal peace it so desperately wants.


Q: What is a curse? 

A: Press the play button to see/hear Donna answer the question.

Q: Does Cosmic Society of Paranormal Research charge for investigations? 

A: Investigations are conducted by experienced researchers who come from a variety of backgrounds and have diverse psychic abilities. Consultations for those experiencing hauntings, ghosts, spirit attacks and related encounters and investigations are a minimal $100 for local investigations, required only to cover transportation, equipment, etc. Expenses for an investigation to other areas commensurate with costs involved. We operate mainly through client donations, merchandise sales, and membership enrollment. Travel, lodging, meals, film and developing costs must be met by the client (if applicable). We are available through appointment only.

Q: What do I do if I think I need an investigation?


  1. List your paranormal circumstances to the best of your abilities; include dates, times, witnesses present and what happened.
  2. Contact us with this information. You can email is by clicking here.
  3. If it is determined that an investigation is warranted (sometimes these things can be explained by natural occurrences or solved with simple instructions), you will be sent an info packet of what to expect and how to prepare for a visit from CosmicSociety as well as provided legal documents, payment information, etc.

Q: Can I join Cosmic Society?

A: Do you want to be a Cosmic Society member? Just contact us by clicking here for membership information.

Join other nationally known investigators and members of Cosmic Society on haunting cases or become a Cosmic Society Area Representative (certain conditions apply – inquire for more details). Monthly meetings are open to all Cosmic Members (FREE) and to the public ($12/person) and are held at various locations throughout Connecticut on the first Wednesday of each month (although because of holidays and scheduling this isn’t always possible).  New members are required to take a prerequisite class concerning procedures and protocols of the Cosmic Society. The fee is currently $55 for the class and is subject to change.

An interview is conducted for all new prospective members.  Members have the opportunity to participate in investigations.  Members pay an annual fee to cover training and use of equipment in any investigation  We encourage sincere seekers of the supernatural with a genuine desire to help people. Though it’s not a requirement, members are welcome to bring their own equipment, like audio/video equipment, voice recorders, EMF/K2 readers, ghost boxes, laser grids, etc. to investigations. We welcome your technical expertise. If you have psychic, clairvoyant, clairsentient, or empathetic qualities, detective skills or a background in history, theology, the natural sciences, computers or engineering, that’s also valued in our investigations.  Members and visitors of all religious and cultural backgrounds are welcome and add to the spectrum of what Cosmic Society offers. 


Q: Can I or anyone use your photos/videos/audio/written materials or other property on my website, YouTube Channel, Blog, movie, video, television show, slide presentation or any type of media or publication?

A: NO. Not without express written permission from Donna Kent. *See legalities at bottom, and yes, we will prosecute offenders.

Q: I do my own paranormal investigation. Can you give me some advice on how to promote my findings?

A: Do you want to be a paranormal celebrity? Click Media Guidelines to see a   pdf.pdf file of some guidelines on how to deal with the media, and how to protect your intellectual property:

Q:What the Heck is an Orb/Globule?!


Supportive Evidence for Globule Photographs not due to Photographic Artifacts or Inclement Weather and/or Moisture….. (or reflections, refraction, etc. etc. etc.)

In the world of spirit photography, we have found the most commonly captured (on film) energy form is the “orb” or “globule”, the round spherical shape that is often a result of rain, snow, or other atmospheric moisture. But what about the orbs that can’t be explained away by the above conditions? We’ve discovered some orbs are perfectly circular while others may look like a football, bell, lopsided ball, diamond or square-edged, even shield shaped.

These energy forms can appear in psychic photos alone, in groups of two or three, or clusters of several individual orbs. Occasionally they can be found on the outskirts of other types of energy forms, such as the Smokey/cloudy masses and what we’ve termed the “dryer hose.” They can be solid-looking, clear, opaque, and different colored (white, gray, pink, yellow, blue, and purple are the colors we’ve encountered so far – supposedly these colors are indicative of their spiritual level..another subject to speculate in future discussions).

Supportive evidence of a spirit body having a round, spherical shape can be found in many statements made by people who have had out-of-body experiences (OBE) and near-death experiences (NDE) and have been recorded,researched, and documented by many experts in this field including; Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Dr. Raymond Moody, Melvin Morse M.D., Damion Brinkley, and others. I recommend reading any of the above researchers books for examples.

From my own personal library I’ve found the following references to orb/globule forms from *P.M.H. Atwater’s Beyond the Light – what isn’t being said about NDE, one woman recounted her hellish NDE in this way; “a small group of circles appeared ahead of me”, “the circles were black and white and made a clicking sound” which she went on to say was “mocking, jeering, and tormenting.”

From *Michael Newton P.h.D’s Journey of Souls, he asks his clients while under hypnotic regression to a time between lives “How do you see individual’s souls?” A commonality of word usage is apparent from the replies of many different people such as; “light dots, I see masses of dots hanging in clumps, as hanging grapes all lit up”, “a floating trail of balloons”, “clumps of huge translucent bulbs,” “giant bunches of transparent bubbles,” “dirty snowballs,” and “different lights – buzzing around like fireflies.”

Many doctors believe the NDE is deep-rooted in the physiology of the inner structures of the brain, others claim it was all hallucinations(!), but the experiences themselves “know” what they have observed is real. They are often profoundly changed after these occurrences even to the point that they no longer fear death. So, with these testimonies and countless others we try to decipher these odd configurations that are imposing themselves on our film.

I don’t know how many times I’ve gotten my pictures back from development and found these odd images of spirit energy and asked “what does this mean?” or “who is this soul?”

And what of these clusters of orbs? Is there a spiritual party going on? Are they combining their energies to try and manifest as something recognizable? If so, are they still distinct, individual entities? If not, why are they congregating? What are the spiritual differences between orbs and other shapes and forms of ghostly images? If anyone has ideas, comments, or answers to my queries PLEASE write in………..

*Atwater, P.M.H. “Beyond the Light – What Isn’t Being Said About Near-Death Experience”
New York: Carol Publishing Group – Birch Lane Press 1994

*Newton, Michael “Journey of Souls”, Minnesota : Llewllyn Publications 1995

~Donna Kent

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