Dryer Hoses

“Dryer Hose” Forms

Cosmic Society has coined the phrase “Dryer Hose” forms for these types of strange energy that appear in many photographs. In a lighthearted attitude we devise names for these anomalies. This does not, however in any way mean that we don’t take this work seriously. Quite the contrary. But we do understand that to have a sense of humor is one of the most important ways for us, individually and collectively as a group to work in this field.We enjoy ourselves and what we do! We have found that these “Dryer Hose” forms are commonly photographed in a white, grey or brown pattern, and seems to show a vibrational rate. We feel for the most part, that these forms are indicative of Guardian or Spirit Guide Energies, that show up along with the individual they are linked to. However, these can also indicate guardians of places or things (perhaps that a spirit was attached to emotionally or bound through ritual). They seem to be extremely fast moving energy forms, and often have orbs/globules somewhere near to them in the photos. This us believe they are not spirit energy but a tunnel or portal that they travel through – it’s a theory, and sure, a possible explanation for the dryer hoses, but I still feel it’s an actual “being” of some sort.

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