Is This John Lennon’s Spirit Energy?

Helene Iulo is 45 years old and has been psychically gifted since the age of three. Ms. Iulo consistantly channels John Lennon’s spirit messages through clairaudient means and automatic writings. She experiences telekinesis regularly and has preformed healings on others for more than 20 years now.

Helene has had a lifelong affinity with John Lennon that continues even after his life on earth. She has close personal ties to Mr. Lennon’s sister, Julia Baird, his first wife, Cynthia Lennon, and Sean and Yoko Ono Lennon, May Pang and David Peel (President of the John Lennon Society). She was formerly a band promoter for Abbey Road , various other Beatle impersonators, and of course, Beatlemania.

Ms. Iulo has been featured in the New York Times and other publications for her work with Lennon memorial ceremonies at Strawberry Fields in New York’s Central Park. She is the vice president of the John Lennon Society since 1992, an organization that promotes peace, harmony and brotherhood and relates to the ideas and ideals of John Lennon’s works and music.

Through automatic writing, Helene feels she has had substantial contact with Mr. Lennon’s spirit and is intending to publish these communications in the future. She has been capturing Spirit Energy in her photos associated with her Lennon ties and work…IMAGINE! Could this actually be John Lennon’s Spirit Energy?

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Comments sent in from our viewers:

Dear Cosmic Society and Helene Iulo,

I don’t know how, but I was guided to your website. In 1995, when as a professional “John Lennon” impersonator, I took my pilgrimage to Abbey Road Studios in Westminster. Of course I had my camera to capture the excitement of actually being there in a place I always dreamed of visiting. The other Beatles fans present graciously wanted a photo of themselves with me as I was in my “John” role from the period of his death, 1980. Apparently Helene Iulo and I have the same experience with psychic energy manifestations… see, many of my pictures from that Abbey Road visit are blotched with unusual light, and I used to kid my friends who saw the pictures that it was “Lennon’s Ghost” hovering about Abbey Road. I do believe in visits from the other world and before the photos and my realization something strange would appear, I was holding on to the iron handrail seeking a communion with John’s spirit. I was holding on to the same spot I remembered John holding his hand on in the early Beatles’ publicity photos. I did sense him, and his vibrations are still in that grand piece of old iron.

I’m going to attempt to upload these pictures to you.

I’m still a John Lennon impersonator, for over 12 years now, but I’ve had a distinct divinity with him since I saw him the first time on the Ed Sullivan
show, , 2/9/64, in fact I’ve looked like him most of my life. You can see some of this on my basic AOL website, click this

Please contact me or have Helene contact me…..I need to speak with her.

“peace, love, and whatever gets you through the night”

Tim Beasley
Virginia Beach, VA


Donna, I have a small article on John that Robin Givens (the actress) submitted to a paper regarding him haunting her home which happens to be his old home. Not sure if that would be helpful and you may even already have it. It’s so small, I’ll write it out for you below. If you’d like the original, please let me know as I’d be happy to send it. Take care and by the way, I just love your website!
c/o Stacy McArdle

It came out of the Northwest Herald (Crystal Lake, IL), year unknown.

Actress Robin Givens says she recently discovered her new $1.9 million home overlooking Hollywood and Beverly Hills has a feature she never dreamed of–the ghost of former resident John Lennon. According to the Boston Herald, Ms. Givens, who bought the home soon after her divorce settlement with heavyweight champion Mike Tyson (Jet, June 26), said “John stayed in this house when the Beatles were on the West Coast.” The star of the “Head of the Class” sitcom continued, “I remember the first time I was wakened by the sound of a man singing–and wondered what was going on. I got up and looked around and suddenly realized it was John Lennon’s voice, so I went back to bed.” The actress said there’s no need to send for an exorcist to have the ghost expelled from her home because she doesn’t mind sharing her space with such a friendly and talented spirit. Before purchasing her new $1.9 million home (Jet, June 26), Ms.Givens resided in a home in Beverly Hills reportedly valued at $800,000.

Dear Donna, My name is Paula Farmer and I received an email from your society and it mentioned a newsletter coming up featuring John Lennon’s energy. I am a channel for John and have been for 4 years. I have very in depth prose and poetry from him for the past 3 years stored on my computer. I call it his diary. It is very meaningful to him to be recognized as a vibrant entity who is trying to do his best work as a soul individual. He has a brilliant intellect which is reflected in the work which he
gives to me on a consistent basis.
I would be happy to fax you a sample of his work if you are interested and you will be able to see the serious and painstaking detail that goes into his thoughts as he reflects as a soul individual. There is almost a musical lilt to his vibration and he is so eager that his work reach the correct sources.
Thank you for listening.
Peace Profound,
Paula Farmer


Hi there, I ran across your webpage with the info about John Lennon and possible apparitions of his
spirit after death. I would like to add my own experience concerning this for all who are interested,
and this is a true occurance that happened. I am an artist myself, and on the eve of John’s death, I was
placing the finishing touches to a painting of a beautiful Red Tailed Hawk at sunset, which I had
entitled ” Spirit in the Sky”. The horrible news broke on the radio that John Lennon had been killed, and I
dedicated the picture to him. That night I had a dream that John Lennon came to me, and spoke ” I met a man
who went to heaven”, to which I replied, “I met a man who went to heaven and came back again”. John said, ”
You better listen to that man”. Then in my dream, John walked with me through a beautiful green park full of
trees to a large building. We entered the building, and there he showed me pictures hanging on the walls.
They were black and white cartoon-like line drawings. He said, “this is my artwork”. Then the dream was
over. When I woke up the next day, I was shaken by the dream, and I went to fetch the morning paper. On the
front page was an article about John Lennon’s life, showing that he had been an artist, and there I saw
the same pictures that were in my dream. I NEVER KNEW John Lennon had been an artist before this dream, nor
had I ever seen any of his work! I honestly feel that John’s spirit traveled all over the whole world when
he passed on, and that for a fleeting moment, he visited me, or how else can I explain this? Please
feel free to share this with your readers, maybe others were touched by his spirit as well. Kim K.
Excerpts from the Prose of John Winston Lennon – Volume 1, Discourse 4 May 1995

The meaning of love is sorely neglected by most of the earth population. What I mean by this is that love is something that rings throughout the Cosmos as a truly Divine note, not something that is carnal. Mating has it’s purpose, but I have discovered that love has a much more depper significance since I have been studying the Universal principals. Love to the Master Realm, is something that transcends the Universe with sweet music, a harmony or symphony of angels. I truly have difficulty understanding the deeper significance of this esoteric concept.

On earth, we think of love as a means of propagation and also a way to fulfill an urge. These ideas are very base. Once you live outside your body, you begin to develop a mental awareness of the finer aspects of the Cosmic Realm. I can only state that love as I once understood it has held very little significance for me, since I have been a soul entity. This does NOT mean that the individulas that shared my life with me, have a lesser meaning. Quite the contrary, both Cynthia Lennon and Yoko Ono played a very important part in my spiritual development.

Everyone charts their own destiny, but many never fully understand their true identity. Why? I shall attempt to explain. When one prepares to enter the earth once more, a mental block appears within the minds of the individuals. This happens because we must chart our own paths of knowledge. We must earn our “wings” without any pretense. The God Source has a Divine Power over the Universe and over every single individual who dwells upon the earth and off the earth as well. God invented the term called love, and love has the capacity to grow and develop within every human being. However, not everyone is open to the fact that God dwells within each and every one of us. Those that take another’s life, still have the God Potency within them, but this concept is at a very dormant stage. The individual has not allowed God to unfold within the emotional body. Hence, murder and crime result. I have had to learn forgivness for the individual who took my life. BUT – has that individual learned that God is a very integral part of his soul essence or being?

This now brings me to ponder over whether life on Earth is just, or whether it is survival of the fittest! When I arrived here, I was confused, disoriented and very bitter. It was not my intention to end my life at age forty, or so I thought! I have since learned that I actually picked this incarnation to be short for various karmic reasons. My music has travelled with me throughout various lifetimes. This particular incarnation was a way for me to understand my potential as a songwriter in arock era and to be able to write critically and be a witicist as well. Even the sounds of the words were music to my ears.

As a soul spirit, I have since discovered that the entire Universe is composed of vibrations, notes and tones. The symphony of love rests on a certain vibrational note and tone. A certain harmony resounds throughout the Universe. It is heard by the angels throughout the Heaven State. To be in spiritual communion, is to communicate with the higher notes and tones of your vibration. Meditation helps humankind develop an awareness of the well-being of the Universe, which leads to awareness to one’s self.

©Paula Farmer. John Lennon as channelled by Paula Farmer.