Photos Taken on Halloween


We have assembled a collection of photos taken by visitors on Halloweens throughout the years.



© 1998 DiDi

These pictures were taken with a 35mm camera, the kind with only one button and does not allow you the option of focusing. In other words, it’s not a professional camera users camera.

These were taken on October 31, 1998 and are from two separate rolls of film. Some of the images taken that night feature a streaking effect of bright light sources that has never happened prior to this night. The night was clear, there was no fog or rain or mist in the air. The pictures were taken by different people at different times but were all on the same block.

The block in question was the street where my father, George, who passed away some two years ago, grew up. He was a believer in the afterlife and of ghosts. These pictures represent the first time anything of this nature being recorded on film by myself or any of the people who were with me that night. He loved Halloween and anything that had to do with the supernatural.

This was my son Colin’s first Halloween, his Grandfather would have surely loved to be with him on this night.

These images have not been doctored, a few have been cropped to save on download time and one has had the brightness/contrast adjusted because the image was poorly rendered from disk. They will be noted as this page continues.

Mykl and I firmly believe in ghosts, spirits, poltergeists or whatever you may call them as we have both had encounters with them in the past, before we knew each other and while we have been together.

All Hallow’s Eve, Samhain, or Samhuiin is the one night of the year when it is firmly believed that the spirits of those who have gone ahead can, for a time, re-enter the world of the living and attempt communication. It is the time when this world and the Otherworld are the closest and passage is easiest between the two. We believe, firmly, that this was the case on that night. We believe it was the spirit of my father, George Carl Grove and a few others who attempted to reach us that night.

It does not frighten us to believe that this was the case.
It makes us feel safe knowing that those we love are watching over us.



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© Lynn and John Therriault.

Photo taken 2 years ago on Halloween at a party of her husband standing with a friend. Nothing abnormal or unusual was felt at the time however the home which they rented at the time had some paranormal occurrences.  The couple has since moved.

There are at least 6 clear faces in this picture, and many more if you continue to peruse. Rotating it in all directions yields even more images.