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Hey Everybody! (I know, I know…it’s been years, lol)

I am currently researching and collecting information and true accounts from those (unfortunate!) of you, whose fate has brought you into the strange and interesting occurrence of encountering the cryptid known as “DOGMAN!”

I’m compiling stories from all over the world and disseminating info as to the history of these animals, WHY they are here, WHAT is their purpose and HOW will it affect our future?

If you’d like to share your encounter(s) with me please include the follwing in your (detailed!) email:

Name, Date of encounter, Your age at time of encounter, Where it happened, What did it look like, What happened, How has it affected you…etc.

Please write “DOGMAN” in the Subject Line of the email! (Please or I might not see it!!)

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear all about your DOGMAN encounter. Perhaps together we can come up with some answers to this, what I think is a terrifying “situation” that appears to be encroaching on more populated areas than people realize…Well, I’ll just leave it there for now. Thanks again in advance!

On another note…

I’m glad finally learned how to make a post on this website and I could very well get used to this! ­čÖé

I am also considering making new videos for both of my YouTube Channels (CosmicSociety and Donna Kent) which will highlight the photos from the website and Slide Presentations. Let me know if this is something you’d be interested in seeing by emailing me at